Creative Mind 1.png

When creative is strong, it’s the overwhelming driver of marketing success: up to 80% for traditional TV and 89% for digital advertising. Conversely, when sales performance is weak, creative is a minor factor across both Digital (just 16%) and TV (a tiny 6%).

Of course, creative is only needed when there’s competition.

That's because if you sell something that solves a problem only your product can solve, you don't need creative - for instance, if you actually have the cure for cancer, just say so. And tell us where to buy it.

But when there’s two or more competing products that solve the same basic problem, the story changes. Creative is the only thing that sets your product apart from its competitors beyond the tangible. Don’t believe it? Automobiles, Insurance, and Fast Food all come to mind.

That’s why we put our emphasis on creative - beginning, middle, and end.